Message From the Chairman

Dear Ladies and gentlemen,

It is with great pleasure that I address you on behalf of Al Takaful Company, celebrating our continued success and steadfast commitment to realizing our strategic objectives and fostering innovation within the Takaful insurance sector in Palestine.


Al Takaful has become synonymous with reliability and excellence among Palestinians, emerging as the preferred choice for those seeking Takaful insurance services that adhere to Sharia principles while embodying modern values and professionalism.


Our achievements, including enhanced productivity, expanded market share, and positive financial performance, serve as testament to the trust bestowed upon us by the public. This trust is a direct result of the concerted efforts of our dedicated team, who have not only bolstered confidence among regulatory bodies but have also adhered rigorously to corporate standards and norms.


Furthermore, we acknowledge our pivotal role as a cornerstone of the national economy and as a catalyst for community development. This recognition serves as a driving force behind our mission and vision, propelling us toward a future brimming with promise for our shareholders, policyholders, and society at large.


With gratitude,

Yaccub Al Kalouti


Al Takaful Company