Family insurance (Islamic alternative of life insurance)

Family Takaful insurance (groups  and individual targeted ) is the Islamic alternative of life insurance

As Muhammad the prohibit of Islam Said (  SAAW ) : leaving  your heirs rich is better leaving them needy asking others for help '

highlighting the importance of insurance in the protection society through the role of individuals and their families in case of disability or death of the insured. where the life insurance provides a source of income to achieve a dignified life for the beneficiaries “ Families “

What distinguishes Family  insurance is Al- Takaful co. vision as service provider   in     adopting Shariah  for  this type of insurance .

Family Insurance is a specialized programs designed to protect the family and help them overcome any financial distress may result from injury and/or death may happen to the family member who responsible financially, mainly on members.

all Featuring  and covers are appropriate and suitable for all levels of society and in accordance with the contributions ' Payments " .

Insurance coverage is included the following :

  • Natural death
  • Accidental death
  • Permanent total disability (resulting from accident or sickness)
  • Permanent partial disability (resulting from accident or sickness)
  • Critical illness coverage