Company’s Objectives

  • Empowerment the Palestinian society to obtain insurance services compliant  with the principles of the Islamic Shariah in addition to  expand providing  such services takes in consideration both qualitative and quantitative perspectives.
  • Leading Insurance sector and contribute on its stability, in addition to  maximize the benefits for both policyholders and shareholders.
  • Maintain  positive reserves policy , provisions and financial solvency through transparency assurance in disclosing , and the accuracy and integrity of the financial statements in accordance with accounting and financial assets internationally agreed standard.
  • Reasonable rates of return for each policyholders and shareholders, which would demonstrate in a practical way that risks affecting the insurance sector in Palestine are not inevitable, but the difficulties, could be overcame through good planning and management professional actors.
  • Raise awareness in Islamic insurance services among the Palestinian public factors.
  • Develop special programs for families and individuals in society, particularly in field of family Takaful insurance that’s not available to serve Palestinian citizen needs.