Vision and Values

Our vision

Leadership and excellence in field of  Shariah compliant insurance services 


Our Message

To provide comprehensive  islamic insurance services for both  institutions and individuals through institutional framework committed to the concepts of modernity and does not conflict with the provisions of  Shariah  .

And  preserve the interests of the subscribers ( policyholders ) and investors.



Strategy based on adopt completely  the principles of Islamic insurance, under the corporate identity already committed to those principles, in addition to spread ideas, programs and features of this new type of insurance among the target audience in the Palestinian market through branches, offices and deales covering all state area.

and through networking process  with Islamic financial institutions and actors concerned with this type of service.

Our values

Our  values emerged from comprehensive ethical system, rooted from the history of Palestinian society, inspired by the Shariah in all its activities and trends in the different activities, which are as follows:

  • Providing insurance services to the Palestinian community away from the suspicions of   Al-Gharar (uncertainty) ,Al-Maisir (gambling) ,and Riba (usury), dealing with polciyholders interest through a complete commitment and compliance  with Shariah supervisory committee  directions.
  • Achieve the highest degree of transparency and justice in underwriting and compensation without injustice or unfairness.
  • Striving to achieve the highest rates of  returns for shareholders
  • The company and its employees in all workplaces are real partners in growth and prosperity and they  are considered the true guarantee to empower  insurance industry in the Palestinian market.
  • Rational and Scientific management, based on effective planning, risk-based monitoring represent a safe way to achieve Takaful Co. goals.