Al Takaful Motor Insurance Program

Al Takaful provides all Motor insurance products for both private individuals and business commercial vehicles.

Al Takaful Motor Insurance Program offers you a full range of services, products and solutions, addressing your needs and providing you with efficient support and professional manner through experienced and dedicated staff.

These Programs will fulfill your requirements according to Takaful principles.

  • Compulsory Motor Insurance (Act and TP) as set by Palestinian insurance law and PCMA Directions: Covering bodily injury for the driver or passengers and property damage to the third party.
  • Comprehensive Motor Insurance (Own damage): Provides cover for loss or damage to the insured vehicle up to the declared value caused by;
    • Theft
    • collision
    • Fire
    • Vandalism and malicious act of others

For more details on the products we offer either email us: or call on: 1800220220.